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How You Can Enjoy Better Hearing

Your Doctors of Audiology in Bala Cynwyd, PA

There are many beautiful things in life to listen to. Whether it's the sound of a crackling fire, the wind rustling the leaves of a tree before a thunderstorm, or the whisper of a child. Of course, if you have hearing loss, these things are sometimes missed. This can take some happiness out of your life make you feel disconnected.

In our audiology clinic, our staff understands the challenges of not being able to hear everything clearly. And the reason that our team members chose to work in the profession of audiology is that they want to help people live better lives through better hearing. We have helped many people just like you get a clearer understanding of speech and the nuances of life's softer sounds back into crystal clear clarity. Our offices specialize in the very best and most sought-after hearing technology. We also offer a comprehensive follow-up program to help our patients get the absolute most out of their new hearing aids. Better hearing is our goal, and that goal is within reach! With just a quick phone call to set up an appointment with one of our expert audiologists

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Our office has been around for many years in Bala Cynwyd.

We are happy to serve so many people to help them hear speech more clearly with top-notch hearing technology. And our protocols for fitting the hearing aids and following up with our valued patients are the gold standard for our area.

We look forward to being able to help you for whatever stage you are in, whether it's just a mild hearing loss or a more severe hearing loss - we have a solution you will like!

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Are you ready to do something about your hearing loss?

On average, people who realize they have hearing loss wait seven years to do something about it. This is often because they are unsure if their hearing is actually decreasing or maybe it's people around them who aren't speaking clearly. Often the first signs of hearing loss is difficulty hearing in noisy situations, like busy restaurants.

If you've noticed that you can't hear as well as you used to, we can help you. We offer unique solutions for our patients. Hearing aids that are invisible and devices that can tune in to voices easily in noisy environments.

If you are unsure whether or not you have hearing loss, the first thing to do is get a professional hearing test. At Hearing Technology Associates, LLC, our audiologists' mission is to provide you with the information you need to make what you feel is the best decision for your hearing health.

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Logan Goldstein
Logan Goldstein
I went here to get some custom ear plugs to deal with loud noises and my job and they work absolutely amazing and all the staff were so kind
Frank Lewis
Frank Lewis
Superb service, prompt appointments; highly recommended.
karen sacco
karen sacco
Took my mom for a hearing aid check up and the Dr and staff are extremely nice. Glad I found them!
Deb Winslow
Deb Winslow
Always a great experience with HTA. So professional and thorough. Thanks HTA.
excellent experience
Lourdeline Tarampi
Lourdeline Tarampi
Dr. Brenner and staff ALWAYS give top of line service to their clients and patients. I actually look forward to my visits to their office, as it is always like a visit to a friend and doctor. I recommend their office and especially Dr. Brenner, to many who are in need of their specialty, which is for hearing.

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