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Brain Exercises Could Help You Hear in Noise

In Hearing Loss, Hearing Test by Hearing Technology Associates

It’s hard to hear when other noises are going on. You may have no problem hearing when it’s quiet, but everyone struggles to hear in noise. If you’ve ever struggled to pick out a conversation in a noisy space, then you already know how frustrating it can be to distinguish speech from noise. If this becomes a common occurrence it …

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Memory Loss & Psychological Distress with Untreated Hearing Loss

In Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Hearing Test by Hearing Technology Associates

    When you have been facing stress in your life for a while, it’s very normal to feel overwhelmed which can lead to psychological distress. Psychological distress occurs when you feel overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings or emotions, which feel too extreme to keep under control. This can overtake your day-to-day life, struggling to connect to others and losing motivation to complete …

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Difficulties with Communication Could Signal a Hearing Loss

In Ear Health, Hearing Loss by Hearing Technology Associates

Do you find that it’s hard to hear certain people? You may attribute to them mumbling or not speaking up. However, it may also signal a hearing loss. It’s common to believe that it’s other people- when it’s most likely that the tone or pitch in which their voice registers may also be in the range of your hearing impairment. …

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All About Earwax

In Ear Health, Hearing Loss by Hearing Technology Associates

While many of us may think of earwax as a more or less disgusting substance to be scooped out of our ears on a regular basis, we would urge reconsideration! This mysterious substance—technically called “cerumen”—is one of our body’s most essential ways of protecting our ears. What Is Earwax? Earwax is naturally occurring, and is produced by our bodies to …

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All About Digital Hearing Aids 

In Hearing Aids by Dr. Ross Cushing

HEARING AID BASICS There is a wide variety of hearing aids on the market today, with many different designs and combinations of features. Here is a basic run down of your options to help you choose the model that is just right for you.  Remember that hearing aids do not restore hearing, but improve it by amplifying particular frequencies that …

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Understanding Hearing Tests

In Hearing Loss by Hearing Technology Associates

Hearing loss comes on so subtly and gradually, it is often difficult for people to realize that it is happening to them. Studies show that more than 2/3 of the almost 50 million Americans that suffer from hearing loss do so without seeking proper treatment. But untreated hearing loss has major impacts on your overall health, which is why it …

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Talking To Your Loved One About Hearing Loss Treatment

In Communication, Hearing Loss by Dr. Ross Cushing

Hearing Loss is a Common Condition If you suspect a loved one may be developing difficulties hearing, awkward as it may feel, you owe it to them to say something about it. In the US, almost 14% of the adult population suffers from some detectable degree of disabling hearing loss. That’s more common than diabetes or cancer. And though both …

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Dealing with Noise Pollution in Your Neighborhood

In Hearing Loss by Dr. Ross Cushing

Noise Pollution & Its Risks Hearing loss affects far more people than many may assume, almost 14% of all adults in The United States and over half of everyone 75 years old or older. A very small percentage of these people are born with a congenital disability, less than three in 1,000. And a very small number of these people …

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What to Expect at a Hearing Test

In Hearing Test by Dr. Ross Cushing

Getting a hearing test can be a nerve-wracking prospect. It’s unfamiliar, and we don’t think about our hearing until it’s too late. But there’s no reason to be nervous! A hearing test is easy and painless, takes only a few minutes, and will give you a better understanding of the health of your ears.  Hearing tests are essential because they …

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Encouraging a Loved One to Take a Hearing Test

In Hearing Loss, Hearing Test by Dr. Ross Cushing

Hearing loss is one of the biggest health issues in America today. In fact, it affects nearly 50 million Americans – that’s 1 in every 5 people! This number will only increase as time goes on and our population ages. Hearing loss can have a devastating effect not only on the person who suffers from it but also on their …