Is Hearing Loss Preventing You from Enjoying the Sounds of Life?

It isn’t just the affects of aging that take a toll on our hearing. Over time, it becomes damaged by daily noise, and we find ourselves having a difficult time following one of the most important things in our world: the conversations that connect us with our family and friends. Do you:

  • Get frustrated following conversation in restaturants?
  • Listen to your TV louder than is comfortable for others?
  • Ask people to repeat themselves?

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Ringing or Buzzing in Your Ears?

tinnitus ringing ears headache buzzing It could be tinnitus: perception of sound in one or both ears when no external sound can be detected by others.

  • Intermittent or constant
  • Single or multiple tones
  • Subtle to intense volume
You're not alone, and there are solutions to help with tinnitus.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Fitting

Gail B. Brenner doctor of audiology Trent Westrick Doctor of Audiology
Gail B. Brenner, AuD
Doctor of Audiology
With over 30 years combined experience, our audiologists take time to make sure you receive the best in personalized hearing care.

  • Hearing tests using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
  • Hearing aid fitting and selection
  • Tinnitus evaluation and consultation
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